Queens Against Borders

September 2015

Founded by Olympia Bukkakis in September 2015, Queens Against Borders is a performance party building solidarity with trans and queer refugees. With the Darvish co-organising the event since 2018, they aim to build a bridge between drag, trans and queer performers who are refugees and those performers who have already established spaces in the city. Queens Against Borders provides a platform for trans and queer refugees to showcase their talent and an opportunity for other Berliners to experience an unforgettable show.

Taking place every few months in SO36, Queens Against Borders has grown into a large event with a number of resident performers from Syria and Iraq, while a cast of guest performers from across Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere join each show. Every party opens with a panel discussion on topics such as: Refugee Narratives and the Media, The Rise of the Far Right and Refugees, Access to Healthcare for Trans People, Queers, and Refugees, and Climate Change and Refugees. For the next event please check the events page or contact us at queensagainstborders@gmail.com.

Photography: Ceren Saner