Get Fucked

August 2016

Get Fucked is a queer performance night in Neukölln, Berlin. It is organised, curated and hosted by her Holiness, the First, Last, and Eternal Olympia Bukkakis.

From its first incarnations in a small bar in Neukölln, Get Fucked has grown into a performance platform that aims to build a bridge between more traditional forms of queer nightlife performance (such as drag) and performers and artists from other disciplines such as dance, installation, sound, and live art.

In has taken place at weekly or monthly intervals for a number of stretches since 2013. It now operates mostly as part of special events being hosted by festivals and institutions such as Whole Festival, Sophiensaele, HZT Berlin, Yo Sissy Festival and more.

Come get fucked with us. We dare you.

Photography: Brigid Cara